Why Do We Use Collagen in Our Vitamin Formulations?

Collagen Supplement

Why Do We Use Collagen in Our Vitamin Formulations?

What is collagen?

The most abundant protein in the human body, collagen, is found in all connective tissue. Protein collagen makes up 1–2% of muscle tissue and about 6% of the weight of skeletal muscle. In addition, it is abundant in blood vessels, corneas, the digestive tract, spinal discs, and teeth enamel.

Collagen plays a significant role in making up the tendons, ligaments, skin elasticity, and muscles. The protein also provides the skin with structure and strengthens bones.

Collagen composes about 60% of the body’s cartilage, the firm tissue that surrounds bones and cushions them from shock. A collagen deficiency can cause loss of cartilage and joint problems.

Collagen supplements (collagen peptides) have become increasingly popular and are available in many forms, including unflavored collagen powder form, flavored collagen protein powder, smoothies, gummies, and in VitaminMD’s dietary supplements. Indeed, online searches for collagen have steadily increased since 2014.

There are two primary forms of commercially available oral collagen supplements: grass-fed bovine collagen and marine collagen. Both collagen supplements provide similar amounts and collagen.

Though there are 28 types of collagen, the primary ones are:

  • Type I. This type makes up 90% of your body’s collagen. Type I provides structure to your bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin (often via topical creams and serums).
  • Type II. This type is found in elastic cartilage, which provides joint support.
  • Type III. This type is found in muscles, arteries, and organs.
  • Type IV. This type is found in the layers of your skin.
  • Type V. This type is found in the cornea of your eyes, some layers of skin, hair, and the tissue of the placenta.

Can you find collagen in food?

Some foods contain the amino acids that make collagen (glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline); these can increase your body’s collagen production. However, natural collagen proteins with biotin and zinc do not provide the same benefits as supplements. Nutritionists say that when you ingest collagen in food, the body breaks it down into individual amino acids and peptides. But the best collagen supplements, such as VitaminMD formulations, have already been broken down and can be more easily absorbed in the body.

 What foods contain collagen?

  • Gelatin and bone broth.
  • Connective tissue and cartilage of animals such as chicken, pork, beef, and fish.
  • Foods with vitamin C are critical for collagen synthesis — citrus, broccoli, and bell peppers are great sources of vitamin C. Vitamins C is also a well-known antioxidant that combats oxidative stress to help maintain healthy skin.
Collagen Supplement

How can I maintain my collagen health?

For overall better health and better collagen health: stop smoking. Smoking decreases collagen production, leading to wrinkles, slow wound healing, and a lack of nutrients and oxygen delivered to the skin.

Be mindful of sugar and empty carbs — these substances weaken collagen, so it becomes dry and brittle.

Too much sun also stifles collagen production and causes it to break down rapidly, which can cause wrinkles. So limit your sun exposure and make sure to wear sunscreen when you go outside.

What are the health benefits of collagen?

As we age, our bodies make less collagen. Taking VitaminMD vitamin elixirs with the best collagen supplements helps you reap the benefits of this valuable protein.

Read on to see what else collagen is good for.

Collagen could help prevent bone loss

Your bones are mainly composed of collagen, and the body’s bone mass naturally deteriorates with age. So, it makes sense to work hard to keep your collagen levels healthy. A lack of bone density can lead to osteoporosis.

Researchers found that 66 women who took 5 grams of collagen daily for 12 months had 7% more bone density than those that didn’t take collagen supplements.

Collagen helps improve skin health

Dermatologists understand that collagen is one of the best supplements for improving skin health.

Did you know that 95% of women between the ages of 20 and 70 found that taking collagen improved skin hydration and elasticity and reduced wrinkles compared to the placebo group? Taking collagen supplements is a simple, easy method of skin care.

Collagen might help build your muscle mass

Because collagen is an essential protein in the body, it plays an integral role in skeletal muscle. People naturally lose muscle mass with age (sarcopenia), and collagen can help offset that dynamic.

Scientists believe supplemental collagen may promote the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine and stimulate muscle growth after exercise.

Consider the three-month study of 27 men with sarcopenia who took 15 grams of collagen while participating in a daily exercise program. They gained significantly more muscle mass than men who only exercised.

Collagen Supplement

Collagen can help reduce joint pain

Collagen hydrolysate for joints helps the body’s cartilage maintain its rubber-like tissue in the joints. With age, the amount of collagen decreases, and the chance of joint diseases such as osteoarthritis increases.

Supplemental collagen for joint health accumulates in the cartilage, causing the tissues to make even more collagen, which may lower inflammation and reduce joint pain.

Studies suggest that collagen supplements may improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and lessen overall joint pain.

Researchers in a placebo-controlled study looked at more than 500 people with osteoarthritis. They found that taking 10 grams of collagen daily for an average of 24 weeks led to significant improvements in joint stiffness and self-reported joint pain.

Want a healthy heart? Try collagen

Studies show that collagen supplements may assist in reducing heart disease. Indeed, collagen adds structure to the heart’s arteries and the blood vessels that lead to the rest of the body. Collagen keeps these arteries and blood vessels flexible and elastic.

Inflexible blood vessels can lead to atherosclerosis, where the arteries become narrow — and a heart attack or stroke may follow.

In a six month study, 31 healthy adults took 16 grams of collagen daily. They experienced a significant reduction in artery stiffness from the study’s beginning to its end.Also, their HDL (good) cholesterol levels rose by an average of 6%. HDL is an essential factor in the risk of heart conditions, including atherosclerosis.

What are the potential side effects of collagen supplements?

In general, people tolerate collagen supplements with almost no reported side effects. They are safe for most people.

A few people have reported side effects such as heartburn and feeling full.

Those with liver fibrosis should monitor their liver enzymes when taking collagen supplements.

People sensitive to collagen may experience inflamed skin in the form of rashes.

Always contact your healthcare professional if you believe you are having a negative reaction to collagen.

Why trust VitaminMD with your vitamin formulations?

The VitaminMD Story

Dr. David Nazarian developed high-quality gluten-free VitaminMD formulations and daily vitamin packets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He saw his patients’ diets lacked an all-inclusive vitamin — an essential immunity boost that optimizes overall health. He also noticed that most of his patients were vitamin D deficient and unaware of its many problems. In addition many patients were taking collagen powder and collagen peptides for all its benefits benefit including skin, joints and hair follicle support . Our vitamin packets contain collagen peptides and proteins in order to provide you with your daily collagen supplement without the need to take multiple vitamins.

Many patients asked Dr. Nazarian what to take to boost their immune systems and keep their bodies strong against infections, but there wasn’t one product with all the necessary ingredients.

About VitaminMD

There is a wide variety of multivitamins available to the public. Unfortunately, no single multivitamin has been specifically formulated to meet today’s needs. VitaminMD’s formulas contain many ingredients that patients can’t find in a single product. Our vitamin supplements are easy to drink, great tasting, and absorb better than tablets. An M.D. formulated VitaminMD on the pandemic frontlines to meet today’s health needs.

Many patients do not like to take multiple tablets (11% of the U.S. population). A VitaminMD elixir delivers a robust and comprehensive dose of all the necessary vitamins that boost the immune system and support overall health. Other vitamins often lack main ingredients — meaning patients must take multiple tablets to meet all their needs.

Many people are deficient in vitamin D and popular immunity drinks on the market today lack enough vitamin D. VitaminMD has the necessary dosage of vitamin D, collagen and other great ingredients that boost immunity and optimize overall health.

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David Nazarian M.D.

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