Best Hormone Balance Supplements: Step into a Comfortable Life

Best Hormone Balance Supplements - Step into a Comfortable Life - Vitamin MD

Best Hormone Balance Supplements: Step into a Comfortable Life

Hormonal balance is a common issue among us, and we would love to see it under control. Our usual search is to find an easy solution. Fortunately, supplements to manage hormonal imbalances are just around the corner. The question is, which supplement should you get?

You need to find one that can work within your health condition to balance out hormonal levels. Are you looking for the best hormone balance supplements for a healthy life? You are at the right place! 

The best hormone supplements in the market have some of the most important minerals necessary to control hormones. They also help with relieving symptoms of PMS and menopause, improve mood swings, reduce stress, and manage weight. However, authorizations must approve them for use, come from trusted sources, and have positive reviews.

Find out the best supplements that you can find for hormone imbalance, other minerals, foods, and lifestyle changes to manage hormonal levels, and what would work best for you. 

What are the Causes of Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormonal imbalance can happen for a lot of reasons and is more prevalent in women. Factors such as eating disorders, suboptimal dietary habits, excess weight, stress, injuries or trauma, and exposure to toxins like pesticides or herbicides can contribute to hormonal disruptions. 

Additionally, certain medical conditions, including pregnancy, birth control, postpartum, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), cancer, diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and various other endocrine disorders, are recognized as underlying causes of hormonal imbalances in women. 

Together with these internal conditions, hormonal balance is also triggered through lifestyle choices, environmental influences, and distinct health conditions. Hormonal balance is responsible for changes in mood, immune response, and appetite. 

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances can manifest through a range of symptoms, indicating disruptions in the body’s delicate hormonal equilibrium. A quicker way to find if you have hormonal imbalances is, however, a quick and easy hormone test using blood, saliva, or urine. 

Some common signs include:

1. Irregular menstrual cycles

2. Changes in appetite and weight

3. Persistent fatigue

4. Mood swings

5. Disrupted sleep patterns

6. Increased stress or anxiety

7. Skin issues (acne, hair loss, excessive hair growth)

8. Diminished libido

9. Difficulty concentrating

10. Physical symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and temperature fluctuations.

Top 5 Supplements to Retain Hormone Balance

1. Magnesium Glycinate Supplement Capsules

This is one of the top-quality magnesium supplements that is a powerhouse for heart health. It also contributes to overall well-being and nutrient metabolism, enhancing the utilization of vitamins B6, C, E, and more. 

So, from a single capsule, you are getting all the necessary minerals to regulate hormones, and the menstrual cycle, and manage stress for proper sleep. They are also free from common allergens, artificial or unnecessary ingredients, and GMOs. 


  • Authorized and high-ranked product
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Improves overall health and sleep


  • Not FDA approved

2. SMNutrition DIM Supplement

This supplement is an excellent choice for anyone seeking hormone balance support, whether dealing with menopause, PMS, or aiming to enhance overall health. It has potent antioxidants, safeguarding the body from free radical damage. It is also certified with a Clean Label Project Certification, ensuring its high quality. 

For women, it aids in managing menopausal symptoms and PMS, while in men, it may help reduce excess estrogen, supporting physical fitness and prostate health. While individual responses may vary, it might cause some side effects, and it’s not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. 


  • Works great for both men and women
  • Contains antioxidants 
  • Authorized product 


  • Not suitable for everyone
  • Might cause some side effects 

3. Go with The Flow – Hormone Balance for Women

This one effectively balances hormones and alleviates uncomfortable symptoms. Its distinguishing feature is the 100% plant-based ingredients, making it vegan-friendly. The fact that it is produced in an FDA-registered facility and consists of non-GMO herbs underscores its commitment to quality. 

Overall, this is a high-quality menopause supplement, offering relief from discomfort and promoting healthy estrogen regulation. This is also highly recommended for women seeking perimenopause supplements.


  • Herbal and a natural way to balance hormones
  • Contains various essential elements
  • Helps to relieve various uncomfortable symptoms


  • Might cause some side effects in some people
  • Takes longer to show noticeable results

4. Femmenessence MacaLife

This one emerges as an excellent natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy for women seeking hormonal balance. It has gelatinized maca phenotypes and is uniquely formulated to enhance bioavailability.

Clinical trials revealed that up to 82% of women experienced relief from perimenopause symptoms within 21 days. These symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, stress, low energy, and sleep disturbances. Apart from hormonal balance, it also supports heart health, mental well-being, and alleviates vaginal dryness.

Other notable features include organic, Kosher, Vegan, non-GMO, allergen-free ingredients with no chemicals, excipients, or additives.

For a natural means to balance hormones and alleviate perimenopause symptoms, this is an excellent choice.


  • Clinically proven to maintain hormonal levels
  • Helps to relieve various symptoms 
  • Improves overall health


  • Mild side effects in some women
  • Takes longer to show the effects

5. Ancient Nutrition Women’s Hormones

Regular intake of this supplement will significantly boost energy levels and overall well-being. This one is enriched with herbs and nutrients to promote hormonal balance and a healthy stress response. Besides, it’s gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and has a vegan composition.

To reduce unpleasant side effects, start with a lower dose and gradually increase as per condition. But all in all, this one is an excellent natural approach to support hormonal balance and overall health.


  • Helps to gain strength and energy
  • Reduces stress and discomfort
  • Regulates the sleep cycle


  • Not suitable for those with allergies
  • Might take longer to show the results  

Buying Guide

Selecting the most influential women’s hormone balance supplement involves considering several factors.

1. Ingredients:

When selecting a supplement, prioritize natural ingredients like herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Avoid supplements with synthetic ingredients or additives to prevent adverse side effects.

2. Dosage:

Choose supplements with safe and effective dosages for each ingredient. Be cautious of high doses, as they can pose potential dangers.

3. Quality:

Always look for reputable companies with user reviews of any supplement with positive recommendations. Ensure that they have been tested for purity and potency. Check if the manufacturing process is properly explained in the container. 

4. Price:

There needs to be a balance between quality and affordability. High-end product doesn’t always equal quality. Choose those that align with your range. 

10 Essential Minerals to Help with Hormonal Imbalance

Other than synthetic supplements, you can also take some other mineral supplements that help maintain hormonal balance and provide other health benefits.

Mineral FunctionSource
MagnesiumRegulates cortisol, synthesizes steroid hormones and DHEA, converts tryptophan to serotonin, and relieves inflammation and stress in women with PCOS.Dark leafy vegetables, flax, pumpkin, and chia seeds, lentils, chickpeas, black beans, avocados, and dark chocolate
B VitaminsEssential for hormonal regulation, B12 contributes to adrenal hormone production, B6 controls estrogen levels, B3 detoxifies surplus steroid hormones, and B1 relieves PMS symptoms.Sunflower seeds, salmon, beef, trout, clams, mussels, oysters, turkey, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, beans, liver, and yeast
Vitamin CMaintains hormonal balance, supports thyroid health, boosts fertility, regulates adrenal glands, reduces stress and anxiety linked to hormonal imbalances, advantageous for cardiovascular health and skin preservation.Citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kiwis, strawberries, and supplements.
Vitamin D3It enhances bone health, elevates mood, regulates estrogen levels, manages blood calcium concentration, supports blood sugar regulation, promotes healthy sleep, and contributes to cardiovascular well-being.Fatty fish, egg yolks, supplements, and sunlight
Vitamin EFat-soluble antioxidant contributes to female reproductive health, have hormone-balancing properties, and alleviates menopausal symptoms.Sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, and salmon
Vitamin K2Essential for bone health and blood clotting, it may modulate hormones, influence estrogen levels, and support a reduced ratio of estradiol to estrone.Leafy greens, animal-based and fermented foods
Zinc Assists in hormone balance for women with PCOS, reduces triglycerides, insulin resistance, excessive hair growth, and stabilizes blood sugar levels.Oysters, beef, and pumpkin seeds
ProbioticsPositive influence on female hormone health, favorable changes in androgens and SHBG, found in fermented foods or supplements.Sauerkraut, kimchee, miso, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and fermented foods.
Omega-3 Fatty AcidsImproves cellular communication, reduces inflammation and hormonal imbalance, and is beneficial for PCOS and menstrual pain. Fatty fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, cod liver oil, chia seeds, herring, hemp seeds, and egg yolks
CalciumAlleviates PMS symptoms, when paired with vitamin D, helps with cramping and dysmenorrhea, and supports muscle contraction inhibition in the uterus.Dairy products, apples, dried figs, broccoli, soybeans, salmon, leafy greens, and supplements

How to Naturally Maintain Hormonal Balance?

Although slow, some natural means and lifestyle changes can also help to regain the natural balance of hormonal levels and improve some of the symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. 

Herbal Supplements

Most of the herbs taken in supplement form would decrease stress, improve PMS symptoms, and help women with PCOS.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is a widely used herb and has demonstrated efficacy in reducing symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats in menopausal women. The herb’s ability to balance hormone levels and alleviate menopausal symptoms is further enhanced with other herbal supplements, including Dong Quai, Milk Thistle, Red Clover, Vitex, and American ginseng. Not only do they remove hot flashes and night sweats and improve sleep, but they are also proven to be very safe to intake. 


Vitex, or chaste tree or chaste berry, proves particularly beneficial for hormone balance in menstruating women. Its impact on progesterone levels contributes to regulating irregular and painful menstrual cycles, enhancing fertility, and mitigating PMS symptoms, including cramping, breast pain, headaches, low energy levels, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, and mood swings. Research also indicates that Vitex can improve mood disturbances associated with PMS, such as anxiety, low mood, and irritability.

Moreover, vitex may reduce mood changes and pain linked to post-menstrual syndrome. When combined with other herbs like licorice, vitex can relieve symptoms in menopausal women.


Lecithin from soy has phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid complex (PAC) that can regulate mood by influencing neurotransmitter levels and calming the nervous system. Besides, in women with PMS, PAC has demonstrated a reduction in symptom severity, improvement in physical and depressive symptoms, increased productivity, and alleviation of relationship tension.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs play a pivotal role in aiding the body’s adaptation to stress by promoting the normalization of hormone production. These herbs, such as ashwagandha, holy basil, and Maca, can be consumed in various forms like tea, tincture, or capsules.

Ashwagandha is known to counteract depression, enhance energy levels and concentration, boost libido, reduce blood pressure and inflammation, and balance blood sugar levels. Recent research has also had promising conclusions that Ashwagandha can work as a natural treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Licorice Root

Licorice root is an excellent herb for promoting hormone balance due to its ability to lower testosterone levels. So, it is a beneficial supplement for individuals dealing with conditions such as PCOS, PMS, and menopause.

Moreover, licorice root has the additional advantage of helping to curb sugar cravings. Since sugar can exacerbate symptoms in those with hormonal imbalances, licorice root can manage these symptoms.


Fenugreek promotes milk production among breastfeeding mothers. However, it also assists women with low testosterone levels and enhances libido. Moreover, Fenugreek is indicated for aiding insulin sensitivity, making it particularly relevant for individuals with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is similar to ashwagandha as an adaptogen, aiding the body in adapting to stress. It also helps to improve mood, decrease cortisol levels in response to stress, and exhibit the ability to enhance mental energy and focus.

Food Sources

Mixing natural foods rich in different minerals that help with hormones, along with supplements is the perfect blend for you to manage hormonal balance. Luckily for you, these foods are always present in your pantry! 

Eggs – Contains cholesterol and selenium to prevent premature thyroid aging

Seafood and Vegetables – Removes iodine deficiency 

Cherries – Provides melatonin for relieving insomnia

Apples – Contains Calcium D Glucarate to regulate estrogen

Pomegranates – Rich in vitamins and other minerals for healthy hormone production

Flaxseeds – Help to maintain estrogen levels 

Dark Chocolate – Contains a lot of magnesium and other important minerals to help with hormonal growth. 

Daily Activities

Apart from things you can eat, there are other things you can do to fix hormonal problems. 

  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • 20-30 minutes of brisk walking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming and water aerobics
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Reduce the toxic load to clear your liver
  • Maintain weight
  • Reduce sugar and caffeine intake
  • Sleep well
  • Drink herbal or green tea

Hormone Balance Supplements and a Balanced Diet vs. HRT: What’s Right for You?

Hormone Balance Supplements and a Balanced Diet vs HRT Whats Right for You - Vitamin MD

Choosing between hormone balance supplements and a balanced diet versus Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) depends on individual health needs, preferences, and medical advice. But since HRT is expensive, this isn’t as desirable for regular cases as it is for menopausal women.

Hormone Balance Supplements and a Balanced Diet:


1. Natural Approach: Natural sources of nutrients and minerals from foods and supplements that support hormone balance.

2. Overall Health Benefits: A balanced diet contributes to overall health, providing essential vitamins and minerals.

3. Reduced Side Effects: Supplements and dietary adjustments generally have fewer side effects than medical interventions.


1. Gradual Results: Achieving hormone balance through diet and supplements may take time, and individual results can vary.

2. Requires Discipline: Maintaining a balanced diet consistently may require discipline and lifestyle changes.

3. Limited for Severe Cases: In severe hormonal imbalances, dietary changes alone may not be sufficient.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT):


1. Quick and Targeted: HRT can provide quicker relief for specific hormonal imbalances.

2. Medically Supervised: HRT is a well-regulated treatment with prescribed professionals.

3. Effective for Severe Cases: HRT is often more effective for severe hormonal imbalances, especially in conditions like menopause.


1. Side Effects: HRT may come with side effects, and the risks vary depending on individual health and the specific hormones involved.

2. Requires Medical Oversight: HRT should be administered under the supervision of healthcare professionals due to potential risks.

3. Synthetic: This involves synthetic hormones, which some individuals may prefer to avoid.

So, you need to consult a healthcare professional who can assess your health status and provide personalized advice before deciding. However, you still have the right to choose an approach based on your condition, comfort level, and preferences. Research well about all these methods to make an informed decision.


Are supplements effective in balancing hormonal levels?

Yes, supplements can easily balance hormones. Regular intake and certain foods will ensure a balanced hormonal level.  But keep in mind, that you need to consult your healthcare professional and choose brands that are authorized. 

Can supplements help with hormone balance for fertility?

For fertility, You can try supplements like maca root, chaste berry, and evening primrose oil. Some other minerals and artificial supplements can also help regulate hormonal levels to maintain menstrual cycles, control estrogen levels, improve ovulation, and increase fertility.

How to naturally balance hormones to promote weight loss?

You don’t need supplements or further treatments to manage hormones and weight. Eat a balanced diet with lots of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Fix a routine for regular exercise and enough sleep to reduce stress. Green tea extract and chromium can also help promote weight loss and balance hormones.

Final Words

So, you have a lot of options to fix your hormonal issues. You can either go for packaged supplements or take some mineral supplements. But you can also benefit from foods rich in minerals to regain control. The best solution is, however, a blend of supplements and foods together. 

Consider some essential factors like authentication, price, reviews, and dosage before you purchase from any brand. Besides, consult your healthcare professional to understand your condition, and which treatment would work the best for you. 

Most of these supplements in the market are beneficial for our health in various ways, and suitable for long-term intake without many side effects.

David Nazarian M.D.

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